Hong Kong - Based "Information Center for Human Rights & Democracy"(We chanegd the name"Information Center of Human Rights & Democratic Movement in China" to this name in April,16 2000) (hereinafter referred to as "the Center) is the most famous organization that provides China's human rights information to international media, the UN and governments. By having more than 5000 members and informants through out all provinces, and regions inside China, Information Center is able to gather and verify about thousands of cases about China's human Rights every year, which are documented in Chinese and English. The Center has become a largest news provider and a predominant, authoritative source of information about Human Rights in China. The information provided by the Center has been generally recognized as the most reliable, and most authoritative source for world news by international mass media. The Center has released more the 3000 press releases since 1996. During these 6 years, the world's top news agency, such as AP (Associated Press), AFP (Agence France Presse), Reuters, DPA (the German Press Agency) issued total 5000 news reports based on our Center's information .The Center released 535 press releases in 1998. During the year of 1998, the AP (Associated Press), AFP(Agence France Presse), and Reuters issued total 1100 news report based on our Center's information. We releaseed 703 press in 1999, and AP, AFP, and Reuters issued total 1600 news reports based on these 703 press releases. CNN and BBC (TV) quoted our reports 40 times in 1999. Radio Free Asia, Voice of American , BBC (Chinese) and France International Radio (Chinese) quoted our presses to broadcast 1,500 news in to 50 million audiences inside China in 1998. and They quoted 2000 our news in 1999. These four major international broadcasting stations with Chinese language program possess approximately 50 million listeners inside China. Through these radio stations, the uncensored information provided by our Center has been able to reach tens of millions of Chinese listeners piercing the communist iron curtains, enabling the totally deprived people to get well informed on what is happening around their place of living. During the year of 1998 and 1999, Almost all important China's human rights events , such as Falun Gong , the China Democracy Party, were reported by the Center. Our Center's information and news reports covers almost all aspects of human rights in China: from Labor ,religion, and dissidents. The information provided by our Center also involves invasion of privacy, invasion of family and government interference of citizens communication, government invasion of citizens freedom of speech, freedom of publication, government intimidation against peaceful assembly, lawful association, freedom of religion, freedom of travel and movement. We very quickly reported the workers unrest, protests, demonstrations, and the forming of independent labor union. There are about 1,000 Human Rights abuse cases in 1998 Country Report on Human Rights(China) issued by U.S. Department of State , about 300 of cases based on our report, there are more cases in the report of 1999. In the Report of 1998 and 1999 , Hong Kong-based Our Center was enumerated as the most important organizations for the source of information on China's Human Rights. Presently, all of our presses are translated to English by U.S. Information Service of American consulate general in Hong Kong and posted in U.S government's Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS).

(2)Background of the Center

The information Center was independently founded by Mr. Frank Lu Siqing in December, 1993. At the forming period of the Center, It focused on collecting and processing the related information from local newspaper in Hong Kong, and then delivered these data to the dissidents in China .Through such efforts, a widely based communication network had been formed between the dissidents/informants inside China and the Center had been formed. Taking the geographical advantage for the information center's location in Hong Kong, We have received more and more feed- back first-hand information from our information network inside China. Therefore, The center started to issue news to international media based on these feed-back information in 1995. Step by Step, The Center has built up the high degree of trust from both media and the Chinese dissidents or informants community. Through 7 year efforts since 1996, this center has not only become the mostly quoted source of information on China , it has also become a generally recognized, most efficient, authoritative, trustworthy source of information concerning China. Now this Information Center is the most important Human rights group that delivers all kind of China human rights Information to the world. Our news that quoted by media is near 10 times more than news released by one famous New York - based Human Rights group. We released the presses pretty soon just after some events happened. For example, we had faxed out our presses in an half hour after Xu wenli, Qin Yongmin, Wang Youcai and Lin Hai were sentence to jail. Why can we do this Human Rights job very well? Here are the reasons: (1) Hong Kong is in the same time zone as mainland China is, so we can follow any case immediately. If one is in New York, time difference between New York and China will make him feel it is very difficult to work around the clock. "Human Right in China" group and we got the same news sometimes, but we released it immediately after confirmed it. "Human Rights in China" might release it 10 hours later after we released. But no media quoted their news because it was too late. (2) Communication between Hong Kong and mainland China is so convenient that it seems that we were working in Beijing or in Shanghai instead that were working in Hong Kong. Dissidents or informants simply use any phone to dial a local phone number instead of dialing IDD (international direct dial) to page me, I can get the message immediately and call them back to get the information. Between Hong Kong and mainland China, There is also a Fax service where fee is charged on Hong Kong side. Dissidents/informants don't have to pay expensive IDD fee, they only need to dial their local number can very simply to send me the Fax. Besides, wireless mobile phone network covers both mainland China and Hong Kong within the same air time coverage . Such an excellent telecommunication is so convenient that same as you are physically in Beijing or Shanghai or other 300 cities in mainland China. (3) The way we contact the dissidents is very safe. They just can use any phone at the corner of streets to page me , I can get the message, then I call back , the police has no way to know our conversation. (4) We have more the 5,000 informants in mainland and the Center maintained excellent relations with all dissidents inside China. All the Radio such as RFA broadcast our news so often that millions' people in China know this center and Lu Siqing very well. (5) Newspapers, TV, Radio in Hong Kong care about news from China very much. So we can get many Human Rights data that are reported by these media. (6) We released our news very quickly, such as Xu Wenli, Qin Yongmin, Wang Youcai , Lin hai just were sentenced half a hour, We have Fax out our presses.

(3)Need Financial support

At present, The Center has kept regular communication with more than 5000 informants. We understand that the super majority of our informants are unable to pay telephone bills . Therefore, we have to restrict the size of our network. If this Center can get money to pay the phone bills, The Center may be able to immediately broaden its size of information network. We can let more people to learn our approach of communication. We may even broadcast our pager number to people through the radio, Then millions of people can know that very convenient way to contact us. Once the center has built up a information network extending to all corners of communist China, We are then able to receive all critical, sensitive political and human rights information from all corners of China, including Tibet and Xinjiang. Such a nationwide information network under our Center's professional leadership is greatly helpful, not only for promoting human rights and democracy in China, but it is very helpful for all the media that care about the China news. To give financial support to us is a very daring action for some people lived in Hong Kong or some organizations located in Hong Kong. Few people or organizations dare to do that. Information Center just received very few donation . Because of lacking of financial support, Lu Siqing had to use his money to pay expenses. this center has to looking for financial support from the foundations. If we get support from foundations, we can not only keep our Information Center operated at current level, but also let it play a more important role in watching and improving China's Human Rights. if you can find some source for the center, please contact Frank Lu.

(4)Our Plan

1> If we have the proposed budget to pay our telephone bill, we can broadcast our pager number through RFA or VOA etc.. We can let more than one million people to know how to contact us. We will choose thousands of them as our regular informants . In this way, We will release about 2,000 press releases to media per year. 2> We will build up World's Most Comprehensive Archive and Database Center for Human Rights and Democratic Movement in China. Now we have more than 100,000 pages of first hand data such as verdict documents or open letter etc... We collected other 100,000 pages of data cut from newspapers or saved from homepages including a lot of very important documents. Lu Siqing is always care about what happened in China and Lu Siqing is a computer programmer. All these made our center the only organization that can set up a very important China's human rights database and documents center. We will upload all public data on our homepage such as photos of dissidents and all our reports. Our website will become one of the most welcomed website. We will collect more than 8 million E-mail address of users of mainland China and send some of human rights information to them. 3> There are about 50 important areas in "Country Report on Human Rights (China )" released every year. We will write in-depth reports focusing on these 50 areas in bath English and Chinese and will give these reports to all units that care about China's human rights. 4> We will edit quarterly magazine "China Human Rights Bulletin "in English. We will put very important, updated and useful first hand data in magazines and issue some theoretical articles which are written by Human Rights campaigners. 5> We will provide our informants in mainland China with spy-rate digital camera, and spy-rate video camera. In case of human rights violations, or laid off workers demonstrations, the informants can immediately take evidence and deliver those picture to our Center through Internet, It will be a very significant improvement for both human rights watchdog and media. 6> This center will establish an E-mail broadcasting network based on its possession of huge E-mail address Database with more than one million E-mail address in mainland China. Using this system, the center may broadcasting human rights education materials to one million internet user inside China on daily bases. 7> We will take part in many human rights conferences and interview more VIP who can influence China's human rights.

(5)Background of Frank Lu si Qing

This information center was founded by Frank Lu siqing and was helped by some dissidents in Hong Kong before the hand over of Hong Kong. All of dissidents, except Lu Siqing who decided to stay in Hong Kong and did not move to west country, left Hong Kong before the hand over. So Lu si qing is the only person who works in this information Center. Lu siqing is 38 years old. He was jailed for one year because of writing some articles asking for political reform in China when he was member of PLA( people's Liberation Army) and was 16 year old in 1981. He got a bachelor degree in central South University of Technology in Hunan province in 1988. He was a graduate student and was student leader in Hunan's demonstrations which students were asking for political reform. He was detained for one year and then was dismissed by university after massacre of Tianannmen square. He works in a computer company in Shenzhen, GuangDong province as an engineer and continue to some human rights works. He was arrested again in 1993 and escaped to Hong Kong and got the political asylum in July 1993. He founded this information center by himself in the end if 1993. He worked in companies to get salary to pay various expanses for this information center. He had spent about a lot of money from his own pocket for this center to improve China's human rights since 1993. He has very good relationships with all the Chinese dissidents and he has very well experience in China's political system and human rights watchdog. He also knows modern technology such as computer very well and has good English communication skills. In recent years. 460 very famous media including CNN, ABC, BBC,CNBC have interview him,many of reports published in front page. More than 1000 Fax or E-mail were received from global media which wanted this Center to put their names in Fax list so they can receive reports form this center in 2000. Because radio stations such as RFA broadcast our news almost everyday, this center is the most famous organization in China and Lu siqing is one of the most famous dissidents in mainland China and overseas. Frank Lu worked for this information center 9 years, He worked 7 days a week, 14 hours a day, But these 9 years he cannot get salary to pay his human rights job. Center must get financial support to pay our telephone ,FAX, Internet bill. we must rent an office to keep normal operation. So many things need to do in this information center. But only Frank Lu work for this center, he need to investigate hundreds of Human rights abuse cases and release more 50 reports in a month. Everyday he need to answer more 100 calls that from China informants Or overseas reporters. He need to reply more 100 E-mail in one day, many of these E-mail come from important government department, organizations and need to reply in English. He need to maintain the centerí»s web, everyday he need to update more 50 articles and news and solve all web technical Problem. He need to copy and classify hundreds pages of documents each day, he need hours each days to search the useful data in the Internet and save it in the computer. He need to type all the English or Chinese letters himself, even if he will mail a letter, he need to go to post office himself. He really needs some assistants to help him.

(6)Contact Us

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