Chinese villagers in Sichuan storm police station; Hubei arrests 120 rioters

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2009 年 7 月 24 日 18:25
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Text of report by Hong Kong Information Centre for Human Rights and Democracy on 22 July

[Unattributed report: "Sichuan's 100-Strong Villagers Storm Police Station, Smash Patrol Car; 100 Demonstrators in Hubei's Shishou Arrested"]

Our centre has learned that on 21 July more than 100 villagers of Tiefo town, Tongjiang county, Sichuan, surrounded and stormed the Tiefo police station due to corruption by village and town cadres; a patrol car was smashed; currently four villagers are in custody; this was confirmed to us by the Tiefo police station. After the Xinjiang "7.5" incident, Hubei's Shishou city has issued massive summons to arrest the participants in the extraordinarily massive demonstration on 20 June; 120 people are in custody, 20 of whom are formally arrested; some demonstrators may face the death penalty. In addition our centre also learned that yesterday 300 demonstrators congregating to demonstrate in Datong city, Shanxi, were subjected to brutal treatment; 10 people sustained injuries from beating; among the injured were the demonstrators when Wen Jiabao was in Shanxi's Datong on 6 July; on that day some 100 people staged a peaceful demonstration in front of the Datong city government.

Our centre has learned that on 20 July the Tiefo town government was smashed by villagers of Gushanbao village due to village and town cadres' withholding of grain subsidies; the Tiefo town police station detained the villagers who smashed the town government; on 21 July more than 100 villagers surrounded and stormed the police station and demanded release of the detainees; one patrol car was smashed; the authorities sent over 100 special police to quell the incident; four villagers were arrested; the Tiefo police station has confirmed to us the villagers' storming of police station and smashing of patrol car.

On 20 June in Hubei's Shishou city, a chef's suspicious death sparked an extraordinarily massive upheaval whereby 50,000 masses were pitted against 5,000 armed police on the street. After the Xinjiang "7.5" incident Shishou public security bureau began to massively arrest demonstrators; 120 people are in custody, 20 of whom have been formally arrested and prosecuted; these people are accused of "endangering public safety," a charge punishable by death.

Our centre has learned that when Wen Jiabao was in Shanxi's Datong city on the morning of 6 July, over 100 petitioners were demonstrating in front of the city government; the demonstration on that day was peaceful; however yesterday another 300 petitioners again demonstrated in front of the Datong city government but were dealt with brutally by the armed police and public security personnel; 10 people were injured.

Our centre has learned that the Hubei authorities are collecting information and want to define the Shishou incident as an event "participated, premeditated, and organized by the hostile forces abroad"; this is because only by blaming "a handful" of people for this extraordinarily massive upheaval can the Hubei provincial and Shishou city officials avoid being held accountable for the breakout of this massive incident, thereby protecting their official positions.

Since Rebiya's arrest in August 1999 our centre has been reporting on her and her family; the Xinjiang authorities' blaming of Rebiya for the "7.5" incident was entirely to avoid holding the officials accountable and to protect their positions. The "7.5" incident was basically an incidental event sparked by the armed police firing on the parading college students. Our centre has learned that as of today some 25 college students are still being detained by the public security authorities.

The "7.5" incident also reflected the power struggle within the CPC. Even with the outbreak of such a massive incident, on 6 July Wen Jiabao was still in Shanxi's Datong instead of returning to Beijing, while from the evening of 5 July to 8 July Xi Jinping was in Liaoning's Dalian and Shenyang inspecting factories, rural areas, and neighbourhoods; Xi Jinping was, by no means, acting for Hu Jintao when the latter goes abroad and has no power in handling China's important affairs.

[Dated] 22 July 2009

Source: Information Centre for Human Rights and Democracy, Hong Kong, in Chinese 22 Jul 09