Migrant workers protest alleged negligence causing death in s. China

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19 October 2011
Kyodo News
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HONG KONG, Oct. 19 -- Hundreds of migrant workers in southern China's Fujian Province protested the death of two workers who were injured in a traffic accident, a human rights watchdog said Wednesday.

Riding a motorbike, the two migrant workers from central China's Sichuan Province were hit by a vehicle outside a hotel in Huangshi in Putian City on Monday night, the Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy said.

The Hong Kong-based center said the late-arriving ambulance carried the duo to a hospital, which demanded payment before treating them. Both died and that prompted hundreds of fellow Sichuan migrant workers to protest.

The protesters, smashing cars while blocking roads in the town center, were attacked by about 500 police officers. At least 10 protesters were hospitalized for injuries inflicted by police, but their conditions are unknown.

The center said the migrant workers have planned a bigger protest and police beefed up their presence in the town Wednesday.

Neither the Huangshi nor the Putian government could be reached for comment.


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