North Korea detains 29 Chinese fishermen - report

North Korea detains 29 Chinese fishermen - report

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17 May 2012


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According to the Hong Kong Information Center for Human Rights & Democracy (17 May), a Hong Kong-based fax service which reports on dissidence, officers from the Liaoning public security's frontier corps and the First Detachment of the Liaoning [northeast province of China] Marine Police confirmed to this center that the 29 Chinese fishermen from three fishing boats detained by the DPRK [Democratic People's Republic of Korea, North Korea] have not yet been released as of 0800 hours this morning. Another source told this center yesterday that a number of procedures need to be undertaken and the incident cannot be settled merely with money. When the three fishing boats "Liaodan 23979," "Liaodan 23528," and "Liaodan 536" were fishing at the waters near the Sino-DPRK border on 8 May, a ship of the DPRK frontier garrison took away Zhu Chuang, Wang Lijie, and 27 other fishermen, who are still held in custody.

Source: Information Centre for Human Rights and Democracy, Hong Kong, in Chinese 17 May 12


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