Vietnamese gunboat chases Chinese fishing vessels - report

Vietnamese gunboat chases Chinese fishing vessels - report

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21 May 2012


BBC Monitoring Asia Pacific



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According to the Hong Kong Information Center for Human Rights & Democracy (19 May), a Hong Kong-based fax service which reports on dissidence, a person surnamed Huang who is in charge of a fishing company in Guangxi's [southern China province] Hepu County confirmed to this center that one of the three foreign gunboats chasing five Chinese fishing boats yesterday was a Vietnamese gunboat sailing from Guangxi's Beibu Gulf. A domestic newspaper reported today that China's most advanced fishery boat 310 successfully deterred the three foreign gunboats from chasing Chinese fishing boats. The newspaper knew that the gunboat belonged to Vietnam but deliberately not mentioned the nation, which showed that China had scruples. The center has also learned that the three gunboats were absolutely capable of sinking the fishing boat 310 but they avoided doing so as Vietnam also had misgivings and did not want to take the blame for any accidental discharge.

Source: Information Centre for Human Rights and Democracy, Hong Kong, in Chinese 19 May 12