Hundreds of Chinese protest death of a worker in eastern China

Hundreds of Chinese protest death of a worker in eastern China


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29 May 2012


Kyodo News



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HONG KONG, May 29 -- The death of a factory worker allegedly beaten to death by his employer caused mayhem in China's Zhejiang Province as hundreds of rioters overturned cars and damaged government facilities, the municipal government and a human rights watchdog said Tuesday.

Yang Zhi, a 20-year-old worker from nearby Hunan Province, had a scuffle with employer Xu Qiyin over unpaid wages on May 12. Yang suffered head wounds and died in hospital Saturday, according to a statement issued by the Ruian City government.

About 200 people protested Monday while "a few hundred others gathered to watch," Ruian spokesman Li Changguo told Kyodo News by telephone. "The family has reached a consensus with the perpetrator over civil compensation (Tuesday). The situation has returned to normal."

Li said criminal investigation against Xu, who turned himself in two days after the attack, is continuing.

The Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy said nearly 1,000 people, mostly supporters of Yang from Hunan, protested because police did not arrest Xu and were angered after learning of Yang's death.

The crowd wrecked the local government office as thousands of bystanders watching during a six-hour riot, the Hong Kong-based center said, adding some people gathered at the office Tuesday, with police standing by.