More Chongqing cadres in sex videos

More Chongqing cadres in sex videos

Fiona Tam [email protected]

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26 November 2012

South China Morning Post




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A whistle-blower whose release of a sex-video clip forced a district-level party boss in Chongqing to step down last week said there were more sex videos featuring at least five other senior Chongqing party cadres.

Zhu Ruifeng , a citizen journalist who claimed to have received the sex videos from a source with the Chongqing police, said four of the five cadres in the sex videos remain in their positions, and the other was sacked after the scandal involving the municipality's disgraced former party boss, Bo Xilai , The Beijing News reported yesterday.

Zhu has also asked Beijing police for protection, saying his life was threatened after his disclosure, according to a statement yesterday by the Information Centre for Human Rights and Democracy, a Hong-Kong based human rights group.

Zhu's release last week of a five-year-old video showing the Beibei district party secretary, Lei Zhengfu , now 54, having sex with his then 18-year-old mistress saw Lei depart on Friday.

Chongqing party disciplinary authorities confirmed on Friday that the naked man in the sex video was Lei, faulting him for keeping mistresses, a practice prohibited by party rules.

The Chongqing government said yesterday that they were still investigating the case. "Our attitude is zero tolerance" for such behaviour, Xinhua quoted an unidentified disciplinary official in Chongqing as saying.

According to Zhu's police source, the mistress was hired by a property developer with the intention of blackmailing Lei because he would not grant the developer any construction projects. The woman allegedly filmed two clips, totalling 80 minutes, of her having sex with Lei.

The developer allegedly used the videos to secure project contracts in 2009, but Lei confessed his impropriety to the Chongqing police chief Wang Lijun , who put the developer in jail for a year and detained the mistress for a month, the source told Zhu.

Zhu has released only a 36-second clip from one of the videos, which he told the Beijing Times that he received from the police source on November 4.

Sex videos featuring the other five party officials were found in the developer's home when Wang sent police to raid it. The developer was also found to have hired many beautiful young women to become mistresses of party officials, The Beijing News reported. Zhu said his source also gave him notes about the developer's interrogation, including details about officials' decadent lifestyles.

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