Chinese fighter jet crash in s. China injures 4, reports say

Chinese fighter jet crash in s. China injures 4, reports say


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4 December 2012


Kyodo News



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HONG KONG, Dec. 4 -- A Chinese fighter jet crashed into a civilian home in southern China's Guangdong Province on Tuesday, leaving four people injured in a fire. The pilot ejected to safety, according to Chinese news reports.

Guangdong Fire Services confirmed a Jian-7 fighter jet, a Chinese copy of Russia's MiG-21, crashed into a house in the Jinping district of Shantou City in the morning, injuring four people, including a 26-year-old woman who is in serious condition, the China Central Television blog reported.

Photographs posted online show an injured individual being carried away on a stretcher, while another shows black smoke billowing from the crash site where a tailfin with a People's Liberation Army air force logo imprinted was seen.

The pilot was said to have ejected from the crashing plane and was hung up on a tree while awaiting rescue.

The crashed jet belongs to the 9th fighter division of the Guangzhou military region, whose senior colonel and chief of staff Xie Fengliang died in a crash of a Jian-10 fighter he was flying in adjacent Hunan Province in April 2010, the Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy said.