More than 100 mourn late Chinese leader Zhao on death anniversary

More than 100 mourn late Chinese leader Zhao on death anniversary


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17 January 2013


Kyodo News



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HONG KONG, Jan. 17 -- More than 100 people were allowed to visit the Beijing home of reformist Chinese leader Zhao Ziyang and mourned him on the eighth anniversary of his death in 2005, a human rights watchdog said Thursday.

The Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy quoted Zhao's son-in-law Wang Zhihua as saying the mourners visiting his home in the Fuqiang Hutong included Ding Zilin, a leader of pressure group Tiananmen Mothers who calls for redress of the 1989 Tiananmen massacre.

Political dissident Hu Jia and reformists within the Communist Party were also reported to have attended the memorial.

Television footage by Hong Kong's Cable TV showed mourners bowing at Zhao's photograph inside his wreath-filled study.

Zhao's 94-year-old wife Liang Boqi, whose health is monitored by Beijing Hospital doctors who visited her home every week, was still not told about Zhao's death, the Hong Kong-based center said.

Zhao, then Chinese premier and general secretary of the Communist Party, died in 2005 at 85. He was under house arrest until his death after he openly showed sympathy for students demonstrating in Tiananmen Square in 1989.

Mainland media reports of Zhao's death and commemorations in the following years were few as the Tiananmen massacre remains taboo in China.

Wang said no Chinese leaders have come to their home to pay tribute to Zhao in the past eight years except former Vice Premier Tien Jiyun, who was said to be Zhao's protege.