Migrant workers in Beijing protest over dead girl

Migrant workers in Beijing protest over dead girl


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9 May 2013


Kyodo News



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HONG KONG, May 9 -- A girl from central eastern China's Anhui Province found dead in the capital city Beijing last week has prompted a mass protest by fellow Anhui migrant workers, forcing authorities to impose heavy security measures in the city and the police to investigate, reports said Thursday.

Yuan Liya, 22, was found dead early last Friday at a parking garage exit from a clothing business center.

More than 100 people reportedly from Anhui rallied outside the center Wednesday, alleging Yuan was raped and murdered and demanding justice.

Thousands of police officers and paramilitary police helped disperse the crowd and telecommunication transmission was blocked to prevent sending out of photographs at the scene, the Hong Kong-based Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy said.

A Hong Kong Cable TV clip shows uniformed police standing by and armored police vehicles lining up on roads leading toward the center Thursday, as Beijing police issued a statement concluding that Yuan committed suicide by jumping from a height and ruled out poisoning, sexual assault or homicide.

It also said Yuan's family members do not protest the findings.

Photographs posted online Wednesday showed protesters who are believed to be Yuan's relatives holding banners that call for support from Anhui fellow workers and demanding justice.

Yuan was said to have entered the center where she worked at night on May 2 and fell off the building in the early hours the following day.

According to online posts that were not yet deleted, Yuan was allegedly gang-raped by six security guards before being pushed off the building.

But another police statement issued Thursday said a woman was arrested and admitted spreading a rumor on the Internet that Yuan was raped.